“GLUBINADA” – This lost city within you.
Someone says incredulously, it is a myth and does not need to waste time looking for him. I say, it is worth the risk. Not knowing yourself, without revealing the lost world – you're just going to blindly wander the world, losing his life. This is the story of my dives. I know – who will need, that all he will see and understand.

texts – Daria Paukova
music – Astronaft, Daria Paukova
record, information – Astronaft
serious – Artem Altunin

Apple Music: itun.es/ru/hcFJhb
Google Play: goo.gl/LmfrTT
The album was recorded and is grown in the studio Galernaya 20
infinite thanks to all, who put his hand in this album!

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