In addition to working with sound, we are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to work with video. You can use our services and make your promo music band, shoot professional video, record interviews or backstage. In short everything you need to promote your music!
- Live-studio recording, backstage, interview.
2 hour shooting, installation video on 1 — 1,5 minutes
from 8000 rub
- Videos on one track (two o'clock shooting) a data Material (within the studio)
from 10000 rub
- Filming on 15-40 minutes, with interviews, etc.
from 10000 rub
- Concert Shooting
two o'clock shooting, installation video on 3 min.
from 10000 rub
Installation otsnyatogo material 15-25 min.
from 10000 rub
- Saemka video
from 20000 rub