This course covers the complete process of creating a track from an idea to a completed composition. Let's start off with, that we can write a rough voice and simple accompaniment. Let us further arrangement, complementing track various batches of live instruments, synthesizers and drum machines. In the process, we consider the basic techniques of recording guitars, keyboards and percussion. On completion of work on the basis of the instrumental track, we proceed to finish recording vocals and elaboration of individual parts of the main voice and backlinks. Next, consider the information process, pay attention to the compression, EQ, spatial processing, modulation, just talk a little bit about tyune voice and leveling shock.


Part 1:
How to start a composition, Selecting an appropriate pace for the desired genre, how to make a track basis, typical song structures. Creating a framework for composition.

Part 2:
Arranged track. Creation of parties to the drum, highlighted, keyboards, synthesizers and using studio VST instruments.

Part 3:
recording drums, microphone placement, compression, EQ. Editing drums using Beatdetective.

Part 4:
A more detailed study of the track sounds. The use of analog synthesizers, Recording guitars, entry keyboards, the use of guitar effects, the creation of a variety of FX-effects, creation of STEM.

Part 5-7:
Selling Track, leveling shock, parallel compression, voice processing, spatial effects.

You will learn all the secrets of working with musical material and be able to ask questions.


Author and presenter of the course Mikhail Nesterov – sound producer, sound engineer and musician.

I worked with Alan Rayman artists, Pavel Dovgal, Sunsay, Zimavsegda, My Rockets Up, Amy Pieterse, All In Orchestra, Hellspin, Bungalow Bums, Mark Evich, Ruslan Gadzhimuradov and many others.

So writes the music and sound design for 3d-mapping show.

One of the interesting achievements – co-authoring songs Alan Rayman “25.22” and “Repeat”, the album was released on Universal Music Canada.

Со-продюсер альбомов Sunsay “V’ and “chin up”.

Reduction album Pavel dovgal “Aura”, published in Berlin label Project Mooncircle.

Recording and mixing the album Bungalow Bums “Lawless Days in Reservation” released on Nasoni Records in Germany. Liar song from the album hit the collection of the most interesting young psychedelic rock bands 2014 according to the London Classic Rock magazine.

Member of international 3d-mapping IMapp festivals 2016 in Bucharest, Румыния и Light and Vanguarias 2017 Salamanca, Spain.

Member of the International Seminar Mix With The Masters led by Eddie Kramer (I worked with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Kiss, Jimi Hendrix).

Michael works

All classes will be held on Galernaya studio 20. duration of 21 hour of theory and practice - 7 lessons 3 o'clock.

List of studio equipment

  • pI9Ae4nivV8
  • Synth module
  • Glerny20-0009
  • Galernaya 20 0025
  • Galernaya 20 0011
  • Galernaya 20 0009

If paid before 19 November Course price – Total 7500 rubles ! WITH 19 November price 9000 rubles.
Limited number of seats. Start - 22 November.

Phone to book: +7 906 268 31 24

List of studio equipment

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