Our recording studio consists of two studio spaces, able to operate both independently of each other, or together.

A studio consists of a spacious control room and a large hall tone, the total area of ​​the studio 56 square meters.

The design and construction were taken into account all the nuances of creating a studio space. Control room designed according to the principle of L.E.D.E. (Live-dead space area), usable area is 24 square meters. Tone-room created by the special acoustic design, taking into account all the most important acoustic characteristics, And the acoustics can easily be transformed, or in a "live" three-dimensional and open, or in a "dead" muffled and soft. The room tone hall has a useful area of 32 square meters
Studio A is designed to record all instruments and vocals, reampinga, mixing and mastering, as well as live-records.


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