LEV Tatanov

Producer, CEO Galernaya 20. I started in show business with 1998 of the year, It has a professional musical and technical education.

I worked with projects and festivals: BG, SBPCh, Jupiter, Pompeii, TeslaBoy, On-The-Go, both Two, Noize MC, Tinavie, While:While, Ivan Urgant, Chistyakova Band, faith Polozkova, Long Arm, Zimavsegda, Jane Air, Stigmata, Amatory, Cold Own, Psyche, HDPE, Stereoleto, Abstrasentsiya, YunostFest and many others.

Mikhail Nesterov

Caund-producer and sound engineer. It works on Galernaya 20 from 2013 of the year. I graduated diploma course in London School of Sound, uchilsya in Matt Foster (Sugababes, MY, Ludacris ,The Streets, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) . Member of the International Seminar Mix With The Masters led by Eddie Kramer. In music, prefers experimental / progressive directions and Metal Underground.

Mischa does his own solo project DeliVanDiko. He worked with musicians and artists as Sunsay, Pavel Dovgal, Zhenya Lubich, Alan Rayman, My Rockets Up, Zimavsegda, All In Orchestra, Mark Evich, Urban Monstaz, Bungalow Bums, Hellspin, Ruslan Hadzhymuradov, Leftright and many others.


soundman, sound producer and musician. It works on Galernaya 20 from 2014 of the year.
AT 2013 year graduated with a diploma as "excellent" in "Sound engineering" at the St. Petersburg University of Trade Unions. Experience in the field of sound engineering more 6 years old.
It specializes in the genres: pop, Electonic music, hip-hop.
basic services: arrangement, Production, including "turnkey", information, the creation of original music.
He worked with such projects, as: Marseilles, No longer & Until, 3XL Pro, Hamill (caste); alisa Vox, Misha Zitová (project “Vote”, group Vougal), Dunaevskiy Orchestra, Artyom Ryan, Jein, Medin, VECTOR FIVE, JUICE , Stepan Sobolev, Yulia Adamchuk, May Day and many others.

NIKITA Valamina

Sound engineer and sound producer. Powered by a Galernaya20 2013 of the year. SPbGUP graduated with a degree in "musical sound". He has a wealth of experience in different musical directions. It is also engaged in the creation of original music for games, movies, multimedia.

He worked with such projects, as: BILLY`s BAND, iamthemorning , Blackbird, NotNet, Conductors of Acoustical, Resonance, Ivory, Dunaevskiy Orchestra, SPRING orchestra, Texture, Antenna Tree, Mercury, Bananafish,The Brockers and many others.


Sound engineer and sound producer. Powered by a Galley 2015 of the year, He studied in New Tone Academy Mark Lichter. Experience as a sound engineer 5 years old. It specializes in contemporary electronic music. Work with All in orchestra, Iowa, Marseilles, Spl3, Dvanov, Tosya Chaykyna, Great Revivers, Tasha Alakoz, Sonşi Alef, hoavi, True Flavas, sadness Gorillas, Jazq, Armel Siko Ar, personage Marz, perro1, Dar'a, PZS, T-bag

Alexander Karpov

Composer and arranger.
It works with a Galernaya20 2013 of the year. He graduated from St. Petersburg Conservatory. Rimsky-Korsakov. Work experience over 15 years old. He has experience in a variety of genres: from academic (orchestral music, gallery,) to modern (Prog-Rock, Pop, Techno, Ambient); music productions, ballets, musicals, cinema, TV series; sound design TV show, advertisement; music to games and applications.
He worked with such projects, as: Zimavsegda, All in Orchestra, Cats Park, Feelarmonia, Honey-Yanny Band, director Maxim Didenko, He collaborated with various theaters in Russia and Europe.


soundman. He has extensive experience in different musical directions.

He worked with such projects, as: Short Paris, Cosmic Triggers, Dizzy Dutch Duck, radio Kamerger, Vice versa.


engineer, sound producer, Design Engineer, musician. 10 years of working with sound at concerts, more 10 years of work in film, 20 years of experimental and electronic music, work with the synthesis. It makes music for movies, of advertising, exhibitions, installations and art projects, an active participant in the experimental and ambient scene.

For years, deals with the leading developers of digital and analog equipment, with large Western engineers, seriously versed in the art acoustic device, conducts lectures on acoustic theme, designs instruments to work with sound.
Stylistic and genre preferences does not, is important only the originality and the material feed. Serious opponent of the principle of recording “we’ll fix it in the mix”.
– unique, unusual, experimental, non-standard methods, even in “conventional” music
– “classical” Sound – all the musicians live in one room, minimum post-production
– Work with complex, original electronic projects

I worked with projects: Super Collection Orchestra, Junkyard Storytellaz, Ke Nako, Air Canda, wolves trio, Andrei Kondakov, John Marshall, Naima, Newlux, JD Walter, Rzeng / Snezhana Travel, Alex Transmitter, Vestige Swell, spiral Aurel, FMSAO, Asynchronics, Quartet named music, Re’sequence Band, Quartet Anton Gorbunov, Zhenya Lubich, pole, Don Hikaram Band, The quartet of four, The Old Fashioned Blues Project, Sweet Smooth Jazz Band….

MARK lighter

Sound engineer and sound producer. It works c Galernaya 20 from 2011 of the year. I graduated in SPbGUP 2011 in the specialty "musical sound" with distinction and honors. Private teacher of sound engineering: author's course on the note "Your Sound", author's project # Vascheprodyuser

He worked with such musicians, as: IOWA, Elvira T, Elena Vaenga, Surganova and Orchestra, Tramp, Julia Kogan, T9, Rivera Mayito, St1m, FIKE, Egor Sesarev, Medzhikul, Lisa SMALL, POWER Chuprov, Ska-Jazz Review, PRAVADA, Markscheider art, CUBA, JAM, YUZARI, St. Petersburg group, ALEX OR, for glory, INFINITY, True Jazz Band, and many others.

IGOR Karnaushenko

Sound producer, soundman, beatmaker. The beginning of creative activity 2000 g. He studied at the SPbGUP.
Is a member of the band Last Tanks in Paris and Uniquetunes, as well as collaborating with the theater Dikapua. Preferred genres of music at work - punk-rock, hardcore, rock, sludge metal, hip-hop, lo-fi, avant-garde, experimental music, underground, electronic-experimental music.

I worked with the performers and groups : Pigs in Space , Engage At Will, Sandinista!, Cut’n’run, P.T.V.P., Lamnt, Distress, Helga, Dottie Danger, Such A Beautiful Day, I-Chick, DITA REDRUM, Uniquetunes, Euglena, Roller Coaster , Maria abort chosen ,The Grand Astoria, Elektra monsterz, Anyka komanda, Ognivo, OR, Wastepaper, The clones project, Kovarski, Harajiev smokes virginia, Ghetto Girls. and many others.