Many people underestimate the impact of a stage of preparation and recording on the final sound track. sound shaping, tool setting, the right choice of microphones and equipment will help you to approach much closer to the desired sound, than you can imagine. In this course we will go with you all the way from the analysis of the demo to the final mix in the studio. We examine popular techniques and mistakes that should be avoided. This workshop will help you find answers to many questions both for beginners and those, who has long been engaged in sound engineering.


Lecture 1:
Familiarity with the demo version of the track. Project preparation. parsing template. Preparation input-sheet. The choice of microphones and a suitable studio equipment. discussion, as a quality tracking (record) affect the final result.

Lecture 2:
recording drums. The alignment of the microphones. Work with compression and EQ. Selecting the best doubles.

Lecture 3:
Party Editing drums in Pro Tools. Recording Guitar / bass. The choice of microphones.

Lecture 4:
Recording Vocals and its subsequent editing.

Lecture 5:
Data trek in the box. Discussion of the parallel compression technique. Answers on questions.

Leading lectures Nikolai Britvin - an experienced sound engineer and producer. He worked with artists and musicians, as: Assai, Surganova and Orchestra, It was Alai, Markscheider Art, The alina, Noize Mc, and many others. AT 2014 attended a seminar Mix With The Masters one of the best producers / sound engineers Joe Chicarelli (White Stripes, Morrissey, The Strokes, Elton John etc.) in France.

Nicholas works

Duration of lectures 20 hours of theory and practice - 5 lessons on 4 o'clock. You will learn all the secrets of working with musical material.
Classes will be held on Galernaya studio 20

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The cost of the entire series of lectures 7500 rubles. Limited number of seats. Start - as a set of groups.

Phone to book: +7 906 268 31 24

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