ALL IN ORCHESTRA – the result of interaction between representatives of very different musical cultures, are united, to make music, that they lacked. Combining in a single mix pulse and rhythm of modern electronic music with classical imagery and eloquence, each time they strictly follow, and sometimes the other way around, as strictly ignore its laws.
Deep bass, combined with the enchanting voices of classical instruments. Wild in the variety mix of styles and trends, coupled with the ability to beautifully and harmoniously combine incompatible make All In Orchestra music truly fascinating.
The participants of this collaboration are separate creative units, engaged in a variety of projects. They write music for ballet, They act on the unique sites and work with the stars of the Russian independent scene.
Performance All In Orchestra – it is always an event!
experience of cooperation: Friday, Sunsay, On-The-Go, Long Arm, Max Korzh, Marseilles, Manizha, Pavel Dovgal, Azamat, Natural Sequence.
memorable exit: presentation of the album at the Museum of Modern Art Erarta, performance at Cosmoscow, recital at the Beatnik and open rehearsals at the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater.

The debut album can be purchased by clicking on the links:

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